Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's Percolating, Stand By.

I'm still working on the next book to add to the six volumes of Miranda and Starlight's adventures. Unfortunately work on their story keeps getting interrupted by other demands—and by the need for research that I haven't found time for yet. But, never fear, it is ever percolating in the back of my mind.

When Miranda loses Starlight's daughter, Shooting Star, on the Crow Indian Reservation, will she ever see her again? Are evil forces involved? Or a common thief? Maybe the escapee from a nearby prison?

What's going on with the relationship between Christopher and Miranda? Will they ever be a couple? Will they always be best friends?

What about Laurie? Miranda's brothers and sisters? And all of their horses? What does the future hold for the horse ranch that Miranda calls "Heavenly Acres."

These are questions that are being asked and answered in a book that does not yet have a title. Who knows, maybe the title will come last after these and other "What if?" questions are answered.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Horse and a Crow: A Miranda and Starlight book

A promise we made two years ago—to publish an anthology of Miranda and Starlight books—has not worked out. It turns out that it would require such heavy tome that it was impracticable. But that's okay. The six books of the series can be bought as a set or singly, which is making a lot of new readers happy.

Now we have a promise for the older readers who have been clamoring for more of Miranda's story for years. A seventh book is in the making. With the working title of A Horse and a Crow, author Janet Muirhead Hill is in the process of writing this sequel to Starlight Comes Home, the sixth book of the series. Book seven takes up where book six ended, with Miranda still fourteen years old. Chris, who is a few months older, just turned 15 and attained his license to drive on his birthday.

Miranda, always looking for a chance to show and race her beloved stallion, Starlight, and his daughter, Shooting Star, has talked her parents into letting her go to and compete in the annual Crow Fair, the biggest Native American fair and powwow in the country. From the beginning, mishaps and bad news challenge her plans. As she connives to meet the challenge to go to the fair anyway, a premonition seems to indicate that trouble is brewing.

Stay tuned.