Monday, June 7, 2010

Starlight, Star Bright

Now that Miranda is eleven years old, will she make better choices? We certainly hope so, yet there is something endearing about her impulsive nature that gets her into trouble she must rectify if possible. In this third book (Part three of the forthcoming anthology, A Horse and His Girl) Miranda is given more responsibility—and takes on some of her own, secretly. The black stallion, Starlight, once Mr. Taylor's hope for a bright financial future, and Miranda's first love and soul mate, are at the center of each.

Miranda is proud to be Starlight's favorite. She is very angry and upset when Mr. Taylor hires Adam Barber to prepare Starlight for the track, but glad that he is unsuccessful. If Starlight races and wins, Miranda knows Mr. Taylor will never sell him to her. That's why she must keep her successes with his training and racing a secret.

But Mr. Taylor doesn't give up. He hires the famous horse whisperer, Buck Brannaman, to work with Starlight. By the time Mr. Brannaman finishes, Mr. Taylor has entered him in a race. Will he win? And what will happen if he does or doesn't. Miranda is filled with dread on race day, yet she can't bring herself to stay away.

Many adventures involving Miranda, her friends, all of their horses, a fire, a much more are found within the pages of this third volume of Miranda and Starlight's saga.

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