Monday, February 14, 2011

Six books in one, coming soon

What started as a "maybe someday" idea nears completion. The response to the saga of a horse and his girl—the horse being Starlight and the girl, Miranda—surprised me when I began receiving fan letters from girls across the nation. When Miranda and Starlight and the five books that followed received a lot of praise from young readers, I wondered how they'd like to have them all in one volume. I finally decided to try. Condensing to leave out redundancies that were necessary to make each novel stand alone, and tightening the narrative, I'm fitting them all—including illustrations—in one cover.

It's exciting to revisit Miranda's and Starlight's many adventures. My goal is to make the attractive, hard cover book, followed by a paperback, perhaps, available in 2012.

Each book, singly, or all six books packaged in one gift set are available now, of course, in many fine stores and online sites, including Each of the six books is also available for downloads at www. and on Amazon's Kindle.

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